£5million a year donated to good causes

What does £5million buy? Oodles of school resources, a whole heap of community activity and gazillions of charitable services, that’s what! In a major milestone for Gatherwell – we’re now giving away £5million a year to good causes throughout the UK.

Gatherwell started life as a humble fundraising idea back in 2013. Oh how far we’ve come since then! Gatherwell was conceived as an ethical way for schools and good causes to raise funds within their communities. We launched our first school lotteries in 2014, and our first community lottery in 2015. We now help over 1500 schools and 6000 good causes to generate income to fund vital work.

Winning big money has never been a motivating factor for our players. Our lotteries give people a way to support their chosen school or good cause whilst having fun and maybe even winning a chunk of cash. Whilst our jackpot winners have undoubtedly been cook-a-hoop about scooping £25,000 each, winners large and small often donate a portion of their winnings back to their chosen cause.

The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated a shift change in fundraising methodology for many organisations. The imposed cancellation of countless fundraising events has forced good causes to turn to new, online fundraising methods that can happen rain or shine, lockdown or not. And as Gatherwell’s £5million annual donation demonstrates, it’s working, people are digging deep and supporting their chosen causes in record numbers.

If your school, community group or local authority would like to start an ethical fundraising lottery get in touch today. 

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