CVSs Launch Lotteries To Boost Local Fundraising


The growing shift towards digital fundraising means more and more Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS) or Third Sector Interface (TSI) organisations are taking control of their local sector’s fundraising challenges and setting up lotteries. Starting a local lottery allows not-for-profit organisations to sign-up for free and sell tickets to their stakeholders, taking a generous slice of the ticket proceeds towards their own funds. 

Wendy Jones, CEO of Community & Voluntary Support Conwy (CVSC)said:

“CVSC are setting up a lottery in order to raise funds for local charitable organisations. This is a very challenging time where the demand for support within communities is higher than ever, and the opportunities for fundraising activities are extremely limited. The lottery will provide a much needed sustainable source of funding for our members.”

Although local authorities have historically taken the lead on starting local lotteries, many are now recognising the value of working with their local CVS as the lead partner. The benefits of a CVS leading on setting up a local lottery are that CVSs are rooted in the local community and have a ready-made membership body of local community organisations. CVSs are perfectly placed to connect organisations that need funding to this invaluable digital fundraising opportunity. 

The current restrictions on face-to-face events and fundraising mean that countless charities and third sector organisations are facing unprecedented financial challenges. This has resulted in a large-scale migration to online fundraising methods. Community lotteries are the ideal digital fundraising solution, as they are free to join, involve no risk, and place control in the hands of grassroots organisations such as: 

  • Charities
  • Sports clubs
  • Community venues
  • Social enterprises
  • Societies and social clubs
  • Community groups

Start A Local Lottery

Any CVS or TSI that is interested in starting a local lottery can rely on Gatherwell as the only UK specialists in establishing community lotteries. The set-up process is simple, and we’ll support you every step of the way. We’ll build your website, provide marketing materials, and support you with the licencing process. 

One CVS that has recently established a successful community lottery is Glasgow Council for Voluntary Service (GCVS). In less that 2 months, over 80 organisations in Glasgow have already signed up and started selling tickets. Ian Bruce, CEO of GCVS, explains their reasons for starting a community lottery:

“Our members often find it tough to get regular, unrestricted income and GCVS wanted a way to help them. Most organisations wouldn’t want to set up a lottery on their own, but because we can bring lots of organisations together it works beautifully.”

If you’re a CVS that’s interested in starting a local lottery, get in touch with Gatherwell for more details. 

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