Eye-opening research on school fundraising by Your School Lottery


Our team at Your School Lottery have just released the findings of  an excellent piece of research on how coronavirus has affected school fundraising, and the results are a real eye-opener. An overwhelming, 98% of schools have been forced to cancel key fundraising events, leaving gaping holes in their income. One school even said: “Our school has gone into administration and has permanently closed its senior department.”

Research Findings:

336 Primary and Secondary Schools, Multi-Academy Trusts, Special Schools and Pre-Schools completed a survey, designed to find out how school fundraising has been impacted by COVID-19, the knock on effect on school spending and how schools think this will affect them next academic year, read the full report here.

The survey uncovered a worrying situation for schools across the country:

  • 80% said they’d been unable to continue ANY form of fundraising since the onset of COVID-19
  • 99% of schools have raised less money as a result of COVID-19
  • 96% expect COVID-19 to affect their fundraising income next year

The cancellation of virtually all summer events has devastated school fundraising income. Schools told us:

“We normally raise around £10K from our summer events. This goes a long way towards funding many resources within the school.”

“The summer fayre brings in over £5k, that was  cancelled. Last year that money was used to buy iPads for the classes.”

The Impact On Schools

The schools surveyed reported losing as much as 70% of their annual fundraising income. A nationwide drop of 30-50% in school fundraising income would result in a loss of £150-260 million this year alone.  This situation does not look likely to improve in the near future, most schools (96%) expect fundraising to be extremely limited in the next academic year too.

“Our fundraising was spent topping up a school struggling with budget cuts, and now it’s even worse!”

“We are a very small school of 48 children and every penny from fundraising is vital as budgets are so tight in our county. The money we raise normally assists the school in so many ways, they really will suffer.”

On a more positive note, there are signs that schools are trying to adapt to the ‘new normal’ by looking at new approaches to fundraising. One school said, “This is all a bit of a disaster really, but it may force some creativity too”.  Now that people are accustomed to working from home, virtual fundraising is more likely than ever to reap rewards. Richard Manville from PTA+ (membership body for Parent Teacher Associations) said:

“Although this challenging situation is sure to continue for some time, PTAs are resilient and resourceful, and this comes through in the survey. I fully expect PTAs to develop strategies that adapt to this ‘new norm’ and increase their fundraising through services like Your School Lottery.”

Your School Lottery has been a fundraising lifeline for its 1300+ schools during lockdown. 80% of the schools surveyed said that their lottery had helped them to keep funds coming in, commenting:

“The Lottery has definitely maintained an income stream for us”

“Although a few ticket sales dropped off through lockdown, it has been our saving grace for fundraising.”

Your School Lottery is fee-free, admin-free and risk-free. Now is a great time to start planning a lottery launch in September. Learn more about Your School Lottery here.

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