Good Things Come In 4s – That’s Right 4 Jackpot Winners!

The unimaginable has happened! This week we have not one, not two, not three, but four jackpot winners!.

In an amazing first for Gatherwell, Saturday’s draws saw four people winning the £25,000 jackpot. Unlike other lotteries, our winners don’t have to split the prize pot; each of the 4 winners receives an entire £25,000 jackpot. So in a record for Gatherwell, we gave away £100,000 in jackpot prizes!

Our lucky winners came from far and wide, being based in South Kersteven (Lincolnshire), Portsmouth, Kent and Hampshire. They were playing the following Gatherwell lotteries:

Jackpot wins are not just good news for the individual concerned, as our lotteries are primarily fundraising tools for schools and good causes, winners often donate some or all of their winnings to their chosen good cause.

One of our past winners said:

“To actually win the jackpot has been amazing. Not only will it mean taking a very nice holiday, but I am also able to donate a sizeable amount back to our school to help in areas where they did not have the funds”

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