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Over 100 UK councils have already started a local lottery with Gatherwell. Why? Because this low cost solution empowers local authorities to raise funds with and for their communities. Gatherwell offers the UK’s only dedicated Local Authority Lottery platform, contributing a larger proportion of ticket proceeds to good causes than any other major lottery in the UK - £5million a year and growing.

Gatherwell is the winner of Lotteries Council
“Lottery Operator of the Year 2019”

Why launch a council lottery?

Supplement your increasingly pressurised council grant funding budgets

Empower your community groups with a free online fundraising tool

Create a Central Fund to distribute how you wish

No risk – Gatherwell manages the prize fund and associated insurance

Easy to set-up and run – we build the website for you and provide marketing materials

How A Council Lottery Works

  1. Local good causes sign up to the lottery and get their own webpage
  2. Good causes then encourage their supporters to buy tickets online
  3. People pay £1 per ticket per week, and choose the cause they want to support
  4. Players are encouraged to make recurring monthly payments, generating stable income for causes
  5. Gatherwell conducts the draw every Saturday night, and notifies the winners
  6. With your approval, we distribute the funds to your local good causes every month

Where Does The Money Go?


60% of ticket price is donated to good causes in the local community*


20% makes up the cash prizes players can win each week


17% goes towards the boring stuff like admin and running costs


3% VAT (you can claim this back)

Create A Central Fund

One of the features that our existing local authorities like best is that you can create a Central Fund that can be allocated however you wish. Of the 60% allocated to good causes, most councils set aside 10% for the Central Fund and give remaining 50% directly to the cause that the player chose to support. The Central Fund can be used to boost existing council grant funding or used as a new pot of money that groups can bid for.

What Are The Prizes?

Your local authority lottery will offer players an exciting range of weekly cash prizes as well as a 1 in a million chance of winning the £25k jackpot. We also provide regular non-cash prizes to incentivise people to play. Gatherwell manages the prize fund and any associated insurance, so the council is not exposed to any risk.

Feedback From Existing Council Lotteries

Next Steps

If you’d like to find out more about starting a local authority lottery in your area, we’d love to have a chat with you. Just complete the Contact Form or email us here: [email protected]

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