Cerena Ashwell

Cerena Ashwell – Marketing Manager

Cerena Ashwell – Marketing Manager Gatherwell
Favourite Childhood Character

She-ra, Princess of Power. Not only did she have the best transformation sequence ever, she also had a flying horse and awesome friends including a mermaid and a net throwing master. She was as strong as her twin He-Man AND communicated with animals. A real hero fighting for those who couldn’t fight for themselves, all whilst wearing fabulous outfits. For the honour of Greyskull!

Favourite Drink

Chai Latte. It’s basically a cake in a cup.

Favourite Animal

A rhino. I can relate to them on several levels. They have a great sense of smell and hearing but terrible eyesight. Rhinos love to wallow and are considered expert grazers. Despite their appearance, they are also in the same animal group as horses. But most of all because essentially, they are just chubby Unicorns.

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