James Waudby

James Waudby – Senior Manager, Development

James Waudby - Full Stack .NET Developer Gatherwell
Favourite Childhood Character

My favourite childhood character was always Spider-Man. I grew up reading the comics and watching the 90s cartoon and still enjoy watching the new films. I had an assorted collection of action figures as a child and Spider-Man was the prominent character.

Favourite Drink

I’m a non-drinker so no fun alcoholic beverages from me. My usual drink when I go out now is a Coke Zero.

Favourite Animal

My favourite animal is a dog, I have a 5-year-old pug cross named Rue. She’s always excited to go for a walk and this gets me out of the house each day so that I don’t become a complete hermit. She also loves to come and sit on my lap while I’m working most days.

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