Josephine Reuss

Josephine Reuss – Senior Customer Account Manager

Joey Reuss – Customer Account Manager GatherwellFavourite Childhood Character

There are too many to choose from! I loved Dr Dolittle and how he could talk to Animals and Inspector Gadget who constantly got his gadgetry wrong yet still managed to save the day!

Favourite Drink

Champagne of course! It couldn’t really be anything else due to family history of importing Pol Roger to the UK. Close second favourite, however, is a lovely glass of Pinot Noir – it always rounds the week off nicely.

Favourite Animal

I can’t specify a favourite animal because mother nature has provided the planet with so many amazing creatures! One creature I think is beautiful is the Blue Footed Boobie, their mating dance and their funny blue feet are just so curious! Here is a video for you!

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