Melissa De Vos

Melissa De Vos – Business Development Manager

Melissa De Vos - Business Development Manager
Favourite Childhood Character

My favourite childhood character would be Tom from Tom & Jerry. His never giving up attitude in trying to catch Jerry, most likely influenced my character. I grew up on a farm in South Africa & spent most of my childhood riding our Arabian horses. I spent a lot of my childhood outdoors exploring & acting like Bear Grylls!

Favourite Drink

My favourite alcoholic drink would have to be red wine, love a good Merlot or Shiraz. I also quite like gin, mostly in the summer. As for non-alcoholic, pineapple or passion fruit are my favourites.

Favourite Animal

This is a tricky one for me, I love horses & dogs. I don’t have a horse in England so I would say Teddy our 5 year old Lhasa Apso is my favourite animal. Teddy loves doing tricks but sadly we can’t enter him in Crufts or BGT as he gets far too distracted in a crowd or when other doggies are around. I call him the Prince of our house as he is so spoilt.

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