£7 Million A Year For UK Good Causes

People celebrating starting a community lottery

We’re celebrating! Gatherwell lotteries have achieved an amazing new milestone – we’re now raising £7million a year for UK charities and community groups. With interest in digital fundraising growing by the day, Gatherwell online lotteries have enabled almost 10k good causes to continue generating crucial funds during the toughest of times, so that they can continue to deliver essential services and activities.

Would your good cause like a slice of the £7million cake?

Digital fundraising has seen a huge surge in popularity in the past year, with more and more not-for-profits turning to the virtual world to raise money. Gatherwell provides online lotteries that enable organisations to generate income week-in-week-out, whether their doors are open or not. We work with a huge range of good causes including charities, sports clubs, community facilities, arts/theatre organisations, youth clubs and much more.

Starting a fundraising lottery is easy and risk-free, and with our One Lottery platform there are no set-up costs. We take all the weight off your shoulders by giving you a FREE webpage, promotional materials and customer support. We also handle all the ticket sales and prize distribution. The ticket proceeds cover the cost of all prizes so you’ll never be out of pocket!

Wondering how much money you could raise if you start a lottery? Our lotteries donate around 50p from each £1 ticket to good causes. The remaining money goes towards weekly cash prizes, VAT and admin. A lottery with just 50 weekly players can raise over £1350 a year. Join the digital fundraising revolution now, and give your community an easy and fun way to support your work. Before you know it you’ll be helping us celebrate reaching the £8million mark!

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