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Why a lottery is good for fundraising

In most small charities and community organisations, fundraising professionals and marketers are a luxury. Tagged into other duties, whilst responding to the demands of your day job it’s hard to know who and where to turn to for fundraising advice; what works and whether there is something that has the potential to deliver regular income with minimal oversight.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • What the benefits of an online lottery are
  • What you have to know before you start
  • How experienced fundraising professionals are building funds in a sustainable way


Extract from the white paper

According to the latest Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) World Giving Index (October 2019), despite a growing culture of charitable giving across many countries, there has been a recent downward trend in donations in key countries with long histories of philanthropy and household charitable giving, including the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands where levels of individual giving are now lower than they were in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

However, it’s not all bad news, there is a growing trend in online lotteries as a way to convert one-off donors into regular givers and secure long-term donations.


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